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  • Dance?

    I Have to Dance I have to dance – Yo as painkiller with dance!   Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like the universe decided to put you on its personal blooper reel? You stub your toe on the bedpost, spill coffee on your favorite shirt, and manage to trip…

  • T24 entertainment selections

    T24 entertainment selections

    entertainment selections at t24  

  • What – Amiratower?

    What – Amiratower?

    Isn’t bad at all: Amiratower with good points at Majesti.c – here they are:   Trust Flow = 05 and Citation Flow = 15 As said, good! Or what?       + + + Amiratower – gebaut für Prinzen und Prinzessinnen – hoch zum Himmel und den Göttern + + +

  • Biden hier, Biden da

    Ist es schon geheim oder geht es noch öffentlich durch? Wir fragen uns das!

  • Hello world!

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